Hey, I’m Shauna, the owner of Yarn Under. I learnt how to crochet during lockdown and I have been obsessed ever since! 

Yarn Under is a one-woman small business trying to be as sustainable as  possible. Here are a few things that I do to achieve that: 

  • All packing is 100% recyclable, including stickers and mailer bags 
  • All items are made from 100% cotton yarn - this is a more environmentally friendly yarn as it's made from natural fibres
  • All products are handmade to order so nothing goes to waste 
  • Scrap yarn is utilised where possible for example, practising designs, stuffing or sometimes it's used to create one-off designs 

One of the key challenges of being a small business is the high prices of more ethically and environmentally sourced materials. However, I'm always looking for new ways to become a more sustainable small business and i'm open to any suggestions!     

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